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Weekly Schedule at the Priory

Once you have attended our introductory session you are welcome to attend our weekly schedule sessions.

Early Morning Practice (Tuesdays and Fridays)

You can come for early morning meditation, followed by short morning service.

7am - 8.15am

Wednesday evening Dharma Zoom sessions

Contact the Prior about how to attend

6.50pm - 8.20pm

Sunday Mornings

Monthly Dharma Evening

Meditation from 9.30am onwards, followed by a Ceremony at 11am.

For those who cannot attend the whole morning, it is fine to arrive or leave at 10.45am

9.30am - 12.30pm

Monthly Dharma Evening

Monthly dharma evening at the Priory. It is normally held on the second Friday of each month.

The next evenings are:  Friday 5th January, 9th February, 8th March

12th April

6.45pm - 8.30pm

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